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Risk Management

At The Safety Managers, we go beyond, to look not only at the risks but also the consequences of the actions individuals take everyday, to ensure they are safely managed.

Our Approach to Risk Management

Develop safety management system
Implement system and procedures
Undertake on-site audit and consultation

Facilitate risk assessments – utilising a wide range of tools and techniques

Develop SHMS to comply with relevant legislation and Australian standards

Develop SHMS documentation – including principal and major hazard management plans, standard operating procedures and work instructions

Develop and conduct emergency simulations and exercises

Facilitate operational and safety management workshops

Provide training and coaching in emergency response and high-stress decision making situations

Coach and mentor contracting organizations on behalf of mining companies to comply with legislation and SHMS

Audit SHMS for effectiveness and compliance with legislation or Australian standards

Review emergency and crisis response plans and systems

Conduct process and operational improvement reviews

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*SHMS – Safety and Health Management Systems